Now that I’ve updated you on my Facebook journey, let’s talk about LinkedIn.

I thought LinkedIn was just a place to seek employment – well, that’s what I heard.  Doing a little research about LinkedIn, I found that it is the largest professional network for companies and individuals and it can be used as a tool for companies looking attract new talent or for those looking for employment, but it is much more than that.

We meet people every day in our profession and collect business cards.  One advantage to LinkedIn is you no longer have to save business cards, just connect on LinkedIn.  I am strategically creating my contact list in LinkedIn.  I want to connect to my agents, company partners, and those in the insurance industry that share a common thread.

People, Groups and Companies can share content on LinkedIn and like Facebook, you can “like” or comment on that content.   But what is so different than Facebook, which is why I really like LinkedIn is that the content is business driven.  I read more today about current events and insurance industry related topics than ever before by using LinkedIn.   And best of all, I can find and connect to professionals across the world that I share an interest with.

To find a person, group, or company all I have to do is type the name in the search field – say you wanted to connect with Johnson & Johnson or people that work at Johnson & Johnson, just put Johnson & Johnson Insurance in the search field.   Or if you wanted to narrow your search and find just J&J Underwriters, change your search to Johnson & Johnson Insurance Underwriter.  LinkedIn would then list all those that are on LinkedIn to populate.  With companies you add to follow, with people and some organization groups, you send a connect invite.  Once you connect or follow, you will see in your LinkedIn feed, all the different post or links from your connections.   I get some of the best inspiration from these post and links!

LinkedIn is FREE.  There is a premium side to LinkedIn, but so far I haven’t found a need for the premium portion of LinkedIn.